Cardiovascular Evaluation and Risk Assessment for Bariatric Surgery

Upon arrival at Farmingdale Heart & Vascular you will be greeted by a pleasant and accomodating staff.  We have been assessing patients and providing their Preoperative Cardiovascular Evaluations for patients and their Bariatric Surgeons since 1997.  Initial consultation, including an extensive health history and physical examination will take place with a Board Certified Cardiologist or highly qualified Board Certified Cardiovascular Physician Assistant.  This assessment will include blood work, complete blood count, metabolic profile, VAP and PLAC lipid evaluation, thyroid profile, Diabetes screening (HgA1C and glucose) and hormone levels and Electrocardiogram.  After completion of this initial assessment patients will be scheduled for further evaluation inclusive of Arrythmia monitoring, Echocardiography, Stress Testing and noninvasive evaluation of all vascular beds as necessary.  A full report of the initial consultation will be forwarded to your surgeon and primary care physician the day of your initial evaluation.

After completing full assessment and testing you will return to go over all results with Dr. Trazzera.   He will explain the results and address any of your concerns and questions.  A final "clearance and perioperative risk assessment and recomendations" will be forwarded to your Doctors.

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