Treadmill Stress Echocardiography

Stress Echocardiography is an imaging test.  The resulting image, called an echocardiogram, shows the structure and movement of the heart at rest and at peak exercise.  Images are taken before and after the heart is stressed to increase heart rate and blood pressure.  By comparing images, your doctor can see changes in the way your heart muscle works when made to beat harder and faster.  The images may be used to identify blocked coronary arteries or abnormal blood flow as well as measure abnormal pressures and blood flow across valves in the heart under stress. 

The Cardiologist will discuss the results and the implications of the findings of your stress echocardiogram either right after the test or you may be asked to return for further discussion of the test results and how it relates to your overall treatment plan at a future date.  Any questions concerning the test or its findings will be answered at this time.
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