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Athlete Healthcare Management
Comprehensive Healthcare for the Athlete & Fitness Conscious Individual

AHM offers comprehensive medical care for athletes, recreational exercisers and highly active individuals of all ages and skill levels.  Whether you are a professional or elite collegiate athlete or an aging athlete who wants to continue competing in senior or master level sports competition the healthcare team at AHM understands your healthcare needs.  AHM was conceived by Dr. Salvatore Trazzera with the understanding that lifelong athletes and fitness conscious exercisers are a special group of patients with specific and unique healthcare needs.  Highly motivated, driven and disciplined these patients require a physician who is highly trained, experienced in the care of well and injured athletes and who relates well to the athlete.  This combination of skills, he has found, lends credibility and fosters a high level of trust between the sports physician and athlete.  A lifelong competitive athlete and fitness conscious individual himself his experience and continued training and expertise in multiple medical disciplines provides his patients with a unique combination of commonality with the athlete and world class skills, training and clinical experience.  Dr. Trazzera’s involvement in sports span experience as a player, coach, team physician, consulting physician for university and professional sports to professional and amateur team owner.

If you are an athlete of any age or just takes their level of fitness seriously, Dr. Trazzera should be your personal physician.

Dr. Salvatore Trazzera has rapidly established himself as the athletes and fitness conscious individual’s physician.  His life long experience as a competitive athlete combined with his extensive medical training knowledge and clinical experience provide an uncommon combination of skills which allow him to relate to his athletes in a way unique to few physicians.  As an owner and supervising team physician for professional,  Jr. A and youth hockey programs for NYTEX Sports, Suffolk PAL Suffolk County High School Ice Hockey League and the Lone Star Brahmas of the North American Hockey Hockey League he has introduced a concussion prevention and management program utilizing state of the art clinical neurocognitive (ImPACT@) and neurophysical (computerized Posturography/balance) assessment.  This program will help to guide athletes to safer timing of return to play minimizing recurrent and long term injury further decreasing post concussive cognitive impairment.

Dr. Trazzera offers consultative services at his office in Farmingdale, New York as well as remotely via internet and telephone.  If you are interested in remote internet, email or phone consultation please click here